Screening Plants

Certain natives and clumping bamboo make the perfect hedging plants for privacy screens so close neighbours can’t see in. These hedging plants also make great noise barriers, dust barriers, wind breaks… and so much more. For a fast growing hedge, clumping bamboo make a great hedging plant; however, there are a variety of plants and sizes to suit your needs.

Small Bamboo Hedge

Bambusa heterostachya Variegated
Common Name: Malay Dwarf Variegated
Approx height: 3 metres – 4 metres

This compact bamboo can be easily hedged to whatever height that suits you.

Beautiful Privacy Screen

Bambusa heterostachya
Common Name: Malay, Malay Dwarf, Green Malay
Approx height: 6 metres

This small, tight clumping ornamental bamboo makes a great privacy screen that grows fast.

Fast Growing Hedges

Bambusa textilis Gracilis 
Common Name: Slender Weavers Bamboo or Gracilis Bamboo
Approx height: 6 metres

Bambusa textilis
Common Name: Weavers Bamboo
Approx height: 12 metres

Photinia Red Robbin
Approx height: 8 metres

A beautiful hedge that can be kept at any size with vibrant red new growth throughout the year and produces small white flowers in spring. 

Tall Screening Plants

Bambusa oldhamii
Common Name:Oldhams bamboo, Old Hamii, Sweet shoot.
Approx height: 18 metres

Perfect for wind breaks and 2 story high privacy screens.

Another great native hedging plant is Lilly pillies (Syzygium Australe):

The most popular varieties we have are Tiny Trev,  Resilience, Aussie Southern, Hinterland Gold.

Atttracts Bees, Butteries and Birds

For a hardy, native screening plant that bees, birds and butterflies will love these bottle brush:

  • Callistemon ‘Wilderness White’
  • Callistemon ‘Candy Pink’
  • Callistemon ‘Little Jon’
  • Callistemon ‘Hinchinbrook’

Tall Screening Bamboo

Bambusa oldhamii
Common Name:Oldhams bamboo, Old Hamii, Sweet shoot.
Approx height: 18 metres

Perfect for wind breaks and 2 story high privacy screens.

Other screening plants:

  • Gardina
  • Viburnum Emerald Lustre 
  • Metrosideros Fiji Fire

More screening bamboo:
Bambusa eutuldoides var. Viridi Vittata 
Common Name: China Gold – Approx height: 6m       

Bambusa multiplex cv. Albo Striata
Common Name: Albo Striata – Approx height: 6m       

Schizostachyum sp. ‘Murray Island’ 
Common Name:  Marray Island – Approx height: 5m      

Gigantochloa sp. ‘Rachel Carson’ 
Common Name: Rachel Carson – Approx height: 8m

Bambusa textilis var. Glabra 
Common Name:  Glabra – Approx height: 10m

Bambusa oldhamii

Callistemon Bottle Brush

Callistemon Wilderness White

Photinia Red Robbin

Bambusa textilis


Syzygium Lilly Pillies

Bambusa Eutuldoides var. Viridi Vittata

Bambusa Heterostachya Variegated

Bambusa Multiplex cv

Bambusa Textilis var. Gracillis

Gigantochloa sp

Metrosideros Fiji Fire

Schizostachyum sp

Viburnum Emerald Lustre

  2018 Winners of Queensland Government’s Community Nature Awards

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