Feature Plants

Adding a feature to your garden can bring it to life. A unique, special or unusual plant that draws attention, is often the centre piece that rest of the garden is designed around.

Our team can help you choose the right plant for your area and to set the look and feel of the garden you want to create.

To help your dream garden be established faster we can provide you with mature feature trees. A good feature tree will not only be aesthetic pleasing but also add monetary value to your property, so it is really important to make the right decision. Let us help you pick or find that perfect feature tree.

We really enjoy helping people find that perfect feature plant for the special spots in your garden, to give them that wow factor. 

We have advanced plants, collector’s bamboo, and plants that are sure to grab your attention or even a living piece of art like grow walls.  Talk to Geoff to see what speciality plant will thrive in your garden.

The boys love to talk about plants all day but unfortunately can’t always answer the phone because on machinery or often working with no reception.  So email us your questions and contact details as this is the best way to let us get back to you.

Dendrocalamus asper
Common Name:  Giant Asper or Indonesian Asper

Bambusa lako  known as Timor Black

Dendrocalamus asper cv. ‘Hitam’ 
It’s common names are Black Asper or Hitam

Dendrocalamus minor var ‘Amoenus’
Common Name: Ghost Bamboo or White Ghost Bamboo

Bambusa vulgaris cv. ‘Wamin’
Common Name: Giant Buddha’s Belly

And advanced palms like the beautiful blue palm, Bismarckia Nobilis.

Then there are also the large varieties of bromeliads that are so hardy and spectacular plant.

just one a few feature plants to make a tropical garden to relax in.

We also have some advanced Cycads like Dioon Edule  and Zamia Furfuracia known as Cardboard Cycads.

  2018 Winners of Queensland Government’s Community Nature Awards

Place an order, request a quote, make an appointment to view our stock, or just want to ask a question, send us a email and will will get back to you as soon as we can.


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