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Bamboo is a versatile and hardy plant, with many varieties and uses. Some people grow bamboo for a fast growing hedge, others use non-invasive clumping bamboo as a privacy screen.  You can block your neighbours from view, cover a fence or shed, create a noise barrier, make a windbreak, fill a gap in the garden just to name a few. The key is chossing the right variety for the job and know how to plant to gain the best effect. The different bamboo species range in height from 3 meters to 30 meters and come in a variety of colours and shapes. It is fast growing grass, hollow inside and yet sturdy, this is why it is used in so many gardens.

Not all bamboo is the running variety that is seen as invasive and often called a pest that will take over your garden. In fact there are many clumping, non-invasive bamboos that make fantastic ornamental pieces in a garden, a beautiful privacy screen and it is an amazing plant for the future.

Bamboo is one of nature’s most productive renewable resources. Bamboos abundant foliage is a carbon bank, absorbing about four times the amount of Carbon Dioxide then the equivalent stand of tree, releasing 35% more oxygen into the environment. It is an eco-responsible building material for housing, furniture while also being used for food, windbreaks, dust barriers, hedges and more.  We specialize in clumping , non-invasive bamboos.

bamboo range

Bambusa boniopsis

Common Name: Bonnie Bamboo
Approx height: 4m
Min. temperature: -7°C

Boniopsis is often used as an ornamental, hedge or small screen. It has delicate, deep green leaves with a silvery looking underside. Boniopsis is a beautiful and popular bamboo, standalone feature plant which also grows well in garden beds or pots.

Bambusa chungii

Common Name: Blue Bamboo, Emperor Blue
Approx height: 8-10m
Min. temperature: -5°C

Chungii is a non-invasive, very beautiful and stunning ornamental bamboo. It is a great feature plant or privacy screen that can withstand cold, windy weather.  Its new shoots and young culms are white lightly bluish colour.  Chungii can also be used for craft applications like basket weaving.

Bambusa eutuldoides

Common Name: China Gold
Approx height: 6m
Min. temperature: -9°C

A very popular and beautiful bamboo because it is fast grow and not really concerned by the cold. It has yellow culms with striking green striations and yellow striations on the leaves. This makes it a very colourful and stunning privacy screen.

Bambusa heterostachya - Malay Dwarf green

Bambusa heterostachya

Common Name: Green Malay, Malay Dwarf
Approx height: 6m
Min. temperature: -2°C

A small, tight clumping ornamental bamboo which makes a good feature plant or privacy screen.

Bambusa heterostachya variegated

Common Name: Malay Dwarf Variegated
Approx height: 3m
Min. temperature: -2°C

This very dense and bushy bamboo makes a beautiful hedge or privacy screen with its white striped leaves. It is also very popular because once established it is drought tolerant.

Bambusa lako

Common Name: Timor Black
Approx height: 10m
Min. temperature: -3°C

A very popular and striking ornamental bamboo with glossy black culms. It makes a stunning feature plant. Defiantly one of our favourite black clumping bamboos.

Bambusa multiplex Albo Striata

Common Name: Albo Striata
Approx height: 6m
Min. temperature: -12 degrees

This bamboo has green culms with white striations and edible shoots.

Bambusa multiplex Golden Goddess

Common Name: Golden Goddess bamboo
Approx height: 6m
Min. temperature: -12 degrees

This bamboo makes a beautiful hedge or privacy screen. When mature and grown in full sun the culms are a beautiful golden colour.

Bambusa Oldhamii

Common Name: Oldhams bamboo, Old Hamii, Sweet shoot.
Approx height: 18m
Min. temperature: -9°C

A very popular bamboo but you must have the room for this tall, fast growing beauty with edible shoots. Great for windbreaks, tall privacy screens, noise barriers and cooking. Also, the timber poles are very strong. One of our best sellers.

Bambusa textilis

Bambusa textilis

Common Name: Weavers Bamboo
Approx height: 12m
Min. temperature: -12°C

As the name suggests the weavers bamboo has a fibrous wood that can be woven into items like baskets, mats and strong ropes. It also is a beautiful ornamental plant and privacy screen. It has relatively small leaves and is able to withstand strong drying winds.

Bambusa textilis Gracilis

Common Name: Slender Weavers or Gracilis Bamboo
Approx height: 6m
Min. temperature: -12°C

Gracilis is one of our most popular bamboo and for good reason! It is a beautiful feature plant (looking great through winter) or makes an amazing hedge or privacy screen in even a narrow bed. It is a very tight clumping bamboo with lush green foliage.


Bambusa ventricosa

Common Name: Buddha’s Belly
Approx height: 15m
Min. temperature: -9°C

The drought tolerant, Buddha’s Belly is most known for its form when potted and stressed by withholding water and if grown under harsh conditions, the plant’s culms then develops shortened, swollen internodes; hence the name Buddha’s Belly. This bamboo makes an interesting hedge and also good forage for cattle and horses.

Bambusa ventricosa Kimmei

Common Name: Kimmei
Approx height: 12m
Min. temperature: -9°C

Like the Buddha’s Belly, this is a drought tolerance bamboo but it has culms which are a yellow/ green striped with a few dark green and has striped variegated leaves. This makes a great feature plant or potted bamboo or privacy screen that can cope with the cold.

Bambusa vulgaris wamin

Common Name: Giant Buddha’s Belly
Approx height: 5m
Min. temperature: -2°C

When stressed by withholding water and if grown under harsh conditions then this variety also develops shortened, swollen internodes on the lower part of the plant.

Bambusa vulgaris wamin striated

Common Name: Striated Buddha’s Belly
Approx height: 5m
Min. temperature: -2°C

Very similar to the ‘wamin’ but with contrasting light and dark green stripes.

Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata'

Common Name: Painted Bamboo
Approx height: 15m
Min. temperature: -2°C

Golden-yellow to lemon yellow culms with green vertical striping. A very attractive, tall ornamental bamboo with weeping culms.


Common Name: Sticky Rice Bamboo
Approx height: 6m
Min. temperature: -2°C

This tropical bamboo is known for its very attractive appearance. It is tight clumping and the culm leaf sheaths are a chestnut brown colour which cover about a third of the internode. Often used as an ornamental bamboo or privacy screen. In Asian counties it is used for making sticky rice.

Dendrocalamus asper

Common Name:  Giant Asper or Indonesian Asper Approx height: 30m
Min. temperature: -5°C

A very attractive timber bamboo with massive culms covered in velvet hairs. It is cultivated for its huge straight culms and large, delicious edible shoots.

Dendrocalamus asper 'Hitam'

Common Name: Black Asper or Betung Hitam 
Approx height: 30m       
Min. temperature: -5°C

This magnificent bamboo has enormous culms that turn brown and then a remarkable black as it matures. Out of the big bamboos the Hitams has the fastest grow rate. It too has edible shoots. One of the most spectacular bamboos.

Dendrocalamus brandisii

Common Name: Brandisii
Approx height: 30m
Min. temperature: -5°C

One of the largest bamboos in the world and is an awesome sight when fully grown. The thick-walled culms are used for timber and is very popular also because the new shoots are edible.

Dendrocalamus maroochy

Common Name: Striated Brandisii
Approx height: 15m
Min. temperature: -4°C

This beautiful bamboo has green culms with yellow striations and is often used as a feature bamboo in a tropical style garden.  It also is a good timber and has edible shoots.

Dendrocalamus minor 'Amoenus'

Common Name: Ghost Bamboo or White Ghost Bamboo
Approx height: 8m
Min. temperature: -5°C

This very eye-catching ornamental bamboo is very popular and makes a stunning feature plant! It is a fast growing, hardy plant that provides shade and makes a beautiful screen. It can cope with cold winds and frost. When mature it has striking, white powdered looking culms and large leaves. It will be the talk of your garden.

Dendrocalamus Sikkimensis

Common Name:  Bhutan bamboo or Sweet Shoot Bamboo
Approx height: 20m
Min. temperature: -2°C

A spectacular feature plant because of its standout orange culms and large leaves. Known for its timber and edible shoots, especially in the Philippines where it is widely known as ‘Sweet Shoot Bamboo’.

Gigantochloa atroviolacea

Common name: Java Black
Approx height: 16m
Min. temperature: -2°C

This highly sort after black bamboo would make a magnificent feature piece in your garden. Its new shoots start green and then turn a stunning black. Sometimes it has a purple look to it. Its graceful looking dark green leaves and narrow white bands at the nodes make this exotic plant a unique and exquisite feature piece. The shoots are also edible. Java Black is a very difficult bamboo to propagate hence the price is often higher than most bamboo

Gigantochloa pseudoarundinacea Gombong Batu

Common Name: Gombong Batu
Approx height: 30m 
Min. temperature: -2°C

This stunning and fast growing feature plant has creamy striped culms. It is also used for timber and has edible shoots.

Gigantochloa Rachel Carson

Common Name: Rachel Carson
Approx height: 8m
Min. temperature: -2°C

Another beautiful feature plant with cream striated culms that is used for windbreaks, noise barriers, timber and edible shoots. A must for collectors of bamboo.

Guadua amplexifolia

Common name: Amplexifolia
Approx height: 9 – 18m
Min. temperature: -2°C

This bamboo is a thorny bamboo that can be used for construction and has been called the ‘Iron bamboo’. However; the guadua amplexifolia has a more pronounced arching habit than other large guadua species.

Nastus elatus

Common Name: New Guinea Green
Approx height: 15m
Min. temperature: -2°C

This beautiful weeping, ornamental bamboo makes a stunning feature plant. It is one of the best edible bamboos that can be eaten raw and also its delicious shoots are used in stir fries.

Schizostachyum 'Murray Island'

Common Name:  Murray Island
Approx height: 5m
Min. temperature: -2°C

This tight clumping bamboo comes from just north of Australia so we often claim it as one of our own natives. It likes coastal and frost free areas. The Murray Island bamboo creates a good screen for those who have limited space and can be trimmed back to almost any height.

Schizostachyum brachycladum 'Yellow'

Common Name: Sacred Bamboo or Scared Bali
Approx height: 12m 
Min. temperature: -2°C

This very beautiful tropical bamboo makes a stunning feature plant with its yellow culms with green stripes. It likes water and regular feeding.

Thysanolaena maxima

Common Name: Tiger Grass

While Tiger Grass looks like a bamboo it is actually a beautiful, fast growing grass with luxurious foliage. A beautiful, clumping grass that makes an excellent feature piece in any garden.

Thyrsostachys siamensis

Common Name: Monastery Bamboo
Approx height: 6m
Min. temperature: -4°C

There are different clones of the Thyrsostachys siamensis. It is a very tight clumping bamboo with very fine leaves and has edible shoots. It makes a beautiful ornamental feature plant in a garden.

  2018 Winners of Queensland Government’s Community Nature Awards

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